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If the purpose of your blog is to attract visitor traffic and make money from advertising, it really pays to go back and review your old blog posts from time to time.

Just read them through from start to finish and see where improvements can be made.  You might be surprised just hoe many simple changes you make when you review your blog post with a fresh approach.

If you are writing a blog in the hope of it becoming a passive income source, you need to regularly review and update your content.  That applies both to regularly posting new topics and also updating or expanding on old blog posts.

Giving yourself that little bit of time and space after writing a blog post can allow you to review it with a fresh perspective.

Simple blog post review

Check for simple spelling and grammar mistakes first. These can often be overlooked in the blur of writing a post.

Could sentences be rephrased to read more easily or naturally?

Is your blog post too short? There is no minimum length for a good blog post, but for it to be useful to your readers, consider a minimum of 300 to 500 words.  This will give you space to make your points while making it genuinely valid to repeat key phrases or words that you want to concentrate on for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Are there extra points you would like to make to flesh out the point of the article?

Advanced blog post review

Is your blog post getting little or no traffic? Check your Google Analytics to see if the post is appearing in search results and if so, for which search terms.

If traffic is low or nonexistent, maybe you need to rewrite or majorly flesh out your post.

Are you getting traffic but not enough?

Look at the incoming search terms, the phrases people searched for when they found your blog. Can you add additional content fleshing out or focusing closely on these areas?

If you need to add a lot more content, perhaps you should split the content into two separate articles, with the same tags or categories, or embedded links in the particles, so that readers can easily find your new post and keep reading.

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