Help! My Adsense income has dropped fast

Has your Google Adsense income dropped like a stone? Is there something wrong with your websites or is there a problem with Google Adsense?

What do you need to check when your Adsense income bombs?

At least once a year I hit a bump with Google Adsense.  I use the Adsense app on my phone so I can keep track of my daily earnings from Google Adsense.

So I have a good feel for how much I should be earning per day on Adsense.

When I notice daily earnings that are below expectations, I know something is wrong.

That is not to say that you don’t get the odd bad day with Adsense, but over a period of months and years you know what’s just a bad day and what is too many bad days strung together to be normal.

So, what do you do if your Google Adsense earnings have taken a nosedive for several days in a row?

First things first, don’t panic.  Changing things in a rushed panic can often harm your websites or your perfected Adsense setup, when there might be a simple answer.

Check: As well as checking your Adsense earnings, check your number of daily page views and ad impressions.  Has there been a significant change?

Has your traffic dropped massively?  If so, that could easily explain a big drop in daily Adsense earnings.  If your number of page views and ad impressions is half or what it was last week, it should be no surprise that Adsense income should halve at the same time.

If your traffic has dropped, is there a problem with the website?  Is it even still running OK?  Are the pages working OK?  Are there errors when viewing the website?

Check Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) and see if there are problems highlighted.

If it is a WordPress-based website, is there a problem with any of the MySQL database tables?  If you use table-based plugins to serve your Adsense ads, these might have become corrupt.  Repair any damaged database tables.

Are your viewers seasonal?  You will be able to determine this after a couple of years.  If for example, you always see a big dip in traffic in December, maybe people are more busy preparing for Christmas than searching for your listings.  I have one website that suffers badly with seasonality.  The first year I panicked and wondered why my traffic dropped so badly.  But it picked up again in January and the same thing happened the next year. So this may be something you need to figure into your plans.

Check: Are your Google Adsense ads actually being served?

View a number of your web pages ad make sure that the ads are appearing in the expected locations.

I have had a issue with Adsense Experiments where the ad was registering as displayed but nothing actually appeared when I viewed the page.  When I tried to check the Adsense experiments, Google gave me an error page. My fix was to edit the ads in question through Adsense, re-saving each ad.  This cancelled any experiments running on those ads, but at least it started serving my ads to viewers again.

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