Huawei Unlocked 4G Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

The Huawei E5377s-32 is mobile Wi-Fi that works as you expect, straight out of the box. This unlocked 4G wireless hotspot just requires a mobile SIM card and you’re good to go.

Travellers will know all too well the pitfalls of trying to get online when you are out and about. Network operators are often overly optimistic sbout their 4G coverage, or even 3G coverage while we’re on the subject. So having a backup way to get online can mean the difference between happy browsing/working or head banging frustration.

If this sounds familiar a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot like this Huawei E5377s-32 could be what you’re looking for.

Just pop in a mobile SIM card, ideally a different network to your mobile phone so that you’re covering your options, and now you can connect your phone, tablet and laptop to a reliable Wi-Fi signal.

How it works

A mobile Wi-Fi hotspot works by connecting to the 4G network. So naturally enough, you need to be in a 4G enabled location with a 4G SIM card. But most mobile Wi-Fi hotspots will work on the 3G network if that’s all that’s available.

Having received the 4G network signal in the area, the Hauwei mobile Wi-Fi device acts like your home wireless network router by broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal to which you can connect all your mobile devices.

Data speeds will of course be limited by the incoming 4G signal but you have the potential to reach full 150Mbps data download speed.

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