The Best Captcha Plugin for WordPress Comment Spam

Are you bombarded with comment spam or spam user registrations? Get the best FREE WordPress captcha plugin to wipe out spam on your WordPress site.Spam seems to be ‘par for the course’ when hosting a WordPress blog.  If you allow comments on your blog, people and more often bots, will start to flood your site with spam.

Now you can always use Akismet to recognise the comment spam and filter it.  But those comments still end up in your Comments database tables.  This takes up valuable space, and if your site is receiving hundreds of spam per day, those tables will quickly grow.

As your website becomes well known to search engines and spam bots, you can expect the amount of daily spam to increase.
What you really need, in addition to a spam filter, is a method of not letting those comments or user registrations through at all.

This is where a captcha comes in.

You’ve seen them all over the internet, those disguised words or letters that you have to type to allow you to buy something or reset your password.

I have to say, having tried a lot of captcha plugins for WordPress, the quality varies greatly.  In fact, after installing some of them, my comment spam actually increased!  It’s like it was acting as a magnet for spam bots.

But after a long time, I have found what I believe to be the best captcha plugin for WordPress.

Search the WordPress plugin library for ‘BLUE CAPTCHA‘ and install it.

The options are very simple but you can leave them at the default settings.  It will add a captcha to your comment submission boxes, user registration boxes, password recovery boxes, etc, without you having to do anything.  As soon as you install it, it’s working for you.

Have a look at the comments section of this page to see an example of it in action.


Note: I am not associated with the WordPress plugin Blue Captcha or its author in any way.  I just like the plugin which I find works fantastically well and I appreciate the work the author has put into it.  Thank you 🙂


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  1. Hi, thanks for your article.

    I learned about Blue Captcha plugin from this article.
    I tried out Blue Captcha on one of my sites and I was impressed! Suddenly no spams at all (I used to have 10 or more spams daily)!

    Now I am using Blue Captcha plugin on all my wordpress sites and I am totally satisfied.
    I think that Blue Captcha is the best captcha plugin of WordPress.


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