Playseat Air Force gaming flight chair

The Playseat Air Force is the ultimate in home flight sim seats.

With adjustable HOTAS mounts on both sides and a removable central column you have all your options covered.

The Playseat Air Force is the perfect gaming seat if you play flight sims or space sims. Yes it’s expensive but if you are reading this review then you are at least tempted to part with the cash for the added realism of feeling like you are in the cockpit.

As soon as you sit down in this gaming chair you know it is comfortable but it also means business.  This isn’t a chair for slouching in front of your PC or games console.

It is firm and supportive, with a bucket, cushioned base. You feel secure and you’re not going to be sliding around.

The back of the Playseat Air Force is adjustable if you feel like you need to lean more forwards or back.

However it is worth noting that this is the only adjustable feature with regards to seating, so no vertical height adjustment or adjustable lumbar support.

Instead of armrests there are two fully adjustable HOTAS mounts for your joystick/flightstick and throttle controllers. These mounts can be moved up, down, forwards and back until you find the perfect arrangment for your arms in combination with your flight controllers. This is a fantastic feature that makes sure the Playseat Air Force can be tailored to your exact requirements.

In addition to the side controller platforms there is a removable centre platform for another controller.

The centre controller platform is mounted on a triangular metal support which can be removed completely as and when needed.

The centre stick can also be adjusted so that it can be down near your lap or higher up and further away for reaching out in front of you.

This customisation makes it ideal if you prefer a centre flightstick rather than having your flightstick by your side.

Or you could have your HOTAS controllers by your sides but have a driving/steering wheel mounted on the centre platform, ideal for Elite:Dangerous when you land on planets and start cruising around in your SRV buggy.

Some people mount keyboard and mouse arrangements on the centre platform although that requires a self-made platform (flat piece of wood) to set them on and attach to the centre mount.

I’ve even seen people mount monitors on the central platform for getting really close to the action!

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