Synology DiskStation DS215j (2 bay) NAS Enclosure

The Synology DiskStation DS215j NAS Enclosure is an ideal network storage solution for home or small business use.

A solid, reliable NAS with a rich feature set, the Synology DS215j is one of the best value products in the NAS market.

You can buy the Synology DiskStation DS215j NAS as either an empty disk enclosure or with hard drives prefitted.

It doesn’t take much research though to find that it is usually cheaper to buy as the empty enclosure and buy your hard disks separately. For the 5 minutes it will take you to open the DS215j NAS drive and insert the hard disks, you will have saved yourself a load of cash.

Setup of the Synology DS215j NAS drive

Initial setup of the Synology DS215j NAS is pretty straightforward. Just plug the NAS into your network with an ethernet cable and go to in your browser on your PC or Mac and you will be taken to your NAS web interface.

The setup screens will guide you through the whole process, including install of the essential Synology apps to handle music, photo and video sharing.

From start to finish the setup process takes less than 10 minutes and most of that time is automated installs on the Synology DS215j NAS.


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